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Lady Valeska’s 2021 Review

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It is that time of year again, when we reflect on our past year and assess. A full year during a pandemic, I still can’t believe that this is reality. It is crazy what we are living through right now. The state of our society and our world. But thankfully we have that wonderful thing called kink. And fuck am I thankful that I am a Dominatrix and can have as little or as much kink in my life as I want. BDSM has been such a beautiful distraction for me. It grounds me and fills me with such cathartic joy. This year I have been especially thankful for it. 

London Dominatrix Lady Valeska

I decided to run some session specials in the fall and because of their success I am still running them. The most popular of specials has been my vac bed special particularly with people that have always been curious and wanted to try a vac bed for the first time. It has been such a joy to introduce people to vac bed play. Long term complete enclosure is a sensation that all must experience, especially with pain and pleasure added to the mix. 


You of course know all the stress that has been inflicted on sex workers that do online work this past year. Credit card companies are making it harder and harder for us to make money, I have written a lot about it in my blogs such as Being a Mistress isn’t all Whips and Money and Being a Real Time Dominatrix during a Pandemic, be sure to take a look and familiarize yourself of what we are dealing with trying to work legitimately. Luckily, for a decent majority of the year I was able to get back to my love of real time sessions. That being said, it looks like the wave of Covid cases are continuing to rise, so who knows what 2022 will bring us. Though there are struggles with online work, I am thankful that I have it to back onto as I wasn’t able to do real time sessions all year long. I have also established some wonderful dynamics with online subs, and look forward to where that journey takes us. There have also been some wickedly fun custom clip requests that I have been able to fulfil and really do look forward to doing more of those.

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I developed some great dynamics with some really great people over this year while filming and producing clips. I do feel that shows through in the clips that we create. We have such fun making them and of course get to enjoy watching ourselves afterwards. Have you checked out my clipstores lately? I add to them weekly.  Not only with submissives have relationships grown, but also with fellow Dominatrixes in the London area. I am so thankful that the Women here are supportive of each other. We really do have a great network here and am grateful to be part of it.


During the summer I became a British citizen and during the fall I was able to get back out and travel again. I did some great trips around Europe as well as a few firsts such as going on a sailing trip as well as doing a 4 day solo hiking trip. I have been able to take a lot of time to myself and hang with my dogs which is one of my most favourite things to do. Uncharacteristically, I am not setting too many goals for 2022 as living during a pandemic has shown us there isn’t much point! But I have some fun things on the horizon, including a new website! If you aren’t already be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be sure you stay up to date with all my goings on!

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