Lady Valeska

First Skype Session with Lady Valeska

When i write this, i can clearly see the flashes for the past two years, how they have unfolded for everyone across the globe.

October 2019, it was the first time i came across Mistress Valeska’s twitter handle. After a couple of hours of scrolling to understand Her persona, i was intrigued how She presents herself, the poise, the way of expressing Her emotions to the world. Twitter is a vulnerable place even if we control our profile. my curious mind asked several questions, one of them being, i need to know more about Her.

Next i went to Her website and started making notes (seriously, i made some crucial bullet points). When i was making those points, around the month of December 2019, i decided to travel across the globe, just to meet Her. During the notes making several points came up which totally aligned our thoughts, so i was pretty serious about visiting her. Honestly, more on an intellectual level to understand more on certain thoughts she mentioned, Domestic Servitude being one of them.

Then came 2020, the year we all want to forget due to the pandemic. my entire trip got cancelled and i lost all my savings. i was sad and taken aback. After that, it was a roller coaster ride. i still wanted to be under her presence. So, Only Fans was my next option. Have to say, the way Mistress Valeska adopted to virtual world, i believe it was unparalleled and very few utilized the opportunity like Mistress Valeska did. She is an admirable Business Woman. How She coped with situations and created verticals for Her business was praiseworthy.

Being part of Her Only Fans for over a year and half, my mind pushed me to explore and interact with Her, without wasting much time. So, in July 2021, after a year and half, i scheduled my first Skype call, and let me tell you, i am not lying….it was an honest conversation.

The way i was able to feel safe in my vulnerability with Her, it was so comforting. Major chunk of our call was a sincere conversation between two fetishists and kinksters who adore Latex. (Yes, i did get to ask my questions, but mostly i shared my views, sorry). Mistress Valeska was invested in knowing me, which gave me immense safety and honor to share my viewpoints about BDSM and Kink. That honest interaction pushed me to book another call immediately. You don’t find a safe space to explore yourself often. (And, yes we played, a sweet moment, i would love to keep it between me and Mistress Valeska, as it was close to my heart and special)

Thank You Mistress Valeska for being yourself and allowing me to explore in a safe space. Please do subscribe to her newsletter, you would be thrilled and never disappointed (Not a word which exist in Mistress Valeska’s Dictionary).


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